Web Chronicles: November

11-28-18 map of procrastination

My husband texted this to me so I’m unsure of the original source, but we had a good laugh about the City of Closet Re-organization where he claims I live when I leave the Isle of Good Intentions, ha!! He’s not totally wrong. When he sent this, I was already in the midst of a month long preoccupation with self development so I thought I’d share what I spent November reading and listening to in this months round-up…

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

I bought this book back in 2011 and never finished it, then recently my husband was reading another of his books, Building a Story Brand, prompting me to pick it back up. I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it this time around. I left a career I didn’t love to be a SAHM and as Kindergarten approaches next year I’m trying to figure out my next move. Thinking of life as a story I’m writing and deciding what to put on the blank page really resonates right now.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

Had I read this book as a teenager, I could have done without every self development book I’ve read in the 20 years since. Then again, I suppose it wouldn’t have been the same since the voice of the author can be as much an influence as the words they write, not to mention the time in life you read it. Each chapter so far has reminded me of another book or two I’ve read and has brought my favorite tidbits of each to mind. That in itself has made it worthwhile.

Style Your Mind Podcast by Cara Alwill Leyba

Her story really inspires me. Had I discovered her on IG first I might have assumed I couldn’t relate to her, but I love her podcast so much. I spend a lot of time reading about mindfulness when sometimes I need a kick in the pants from someone super ambitious to work harder and confidently take on life. I have her workbook on my Christmas wish list too.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast interview with Gretchen and remembered that this was yet another book I’ve kept on my shelf for ages. I wasn’t married or a mother when I first read it back in 2009, so it’s been like reading it for the first time again. I’m  considering using her framework to map out my goals for 2019.

The Four Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin

Also prompted by the Love to Sew Podcast, I took this quiz. The result says I’m an obliger, which I’d say rings pretty true. Outside obligations, I will successfully accomplish, but I really struggle keeping commitments to myself.

I have the tendency to take interest in a topic and dive in for a bit, then move along to something else with the next new moon. This has been a good month with all of my reading and listening intertwining and feeding into one another, leaving me feeling energized and focused and reminding me to just stop procrastinating! I’m plowing through my to do list so I can start the new year without loose ends carrying over, be more intentional with my time moving forward and bring some ideas to fruition that I’ve not been pushing myself hard enough to make happen.

Today I wrapped up a project I did for a local shop so I’m looking forward to jumping into some personal sewing I’ve got lined up! I do still want this blog to be about sewing…


Fall 10×10

A few of my favorite bloggers have been sharing their 10×10 challenges for quite a while now and I finally completed my 1st one…a month ago. The concept was created by Lee over at Style Bee and is an exercise in minimalism, creativity and contentment where you select 10 items from your closet and put together 10 different looks over the period of 10 days. I attempted one last fall but between the extreme heat wave we experienced and the fact that my pieces were all neutral colors, I quit after 5 days out of boredom and necessity…I seriously swapped my 10 items for a swimsuit. Anyway, it was a much better experience this time around since we had more typical Fall weather (for us) and my closet is in better shape overall. For the past year I’ve been very thoughtfully working toward a colorful closet that can mix and match and in putting together my pieces I could see those efforts paying off and was thrilled with the outfits I could put together. So lets get on with it…

The Pieces


  1. White V-neck (J. Crew, thrifted)
  2. Gray Sleeveless Sweater (Vintage, thrifted)
  3. Dark Gray Tee (Alternative Earth, thrifted)
  4. Velvet Vest (Vintage, thrifted)
  5. Pink Blouse (Vintage, thrifted)
  6. Green Blouse, (Vintage, thrifted and customized with new buttons)
  7. Mustard Sweater (Anthropologie, thrifted)
  8. Mustard pants (H&M, thrifted)
  9. Cone denim (Lucky Brand, New 2018)
  10. Wide Leg pants (home sewn, M7445)

I opted to exclude shoes because with temps ranging from 65-85 during the 10 days I knew layering opportunities would be limited and wanted to set myself up for success. I also modified my challenge by counting the days I actually got dressed rather than forcing them to be consecutive. On Day 4 I spent the entire day doing household chores, yard work and a science project with my kiddo so it seemed silly to make an outfit happen that day just for the sake of the challenge. Halloween also landed midway through and I wasn’t about to include that in my 10 pieces. This is real life!

The Outfits

I did a terrible job of OOTD pictures and only ended up with one, so here’s the best I can do this round. I really did wear all of these outfits and mostly loved them. Day 3 is pretty basic for me, but I spent the day outside at the Museum of Natural History with the kiddo so it was perfect. Day 5 was the first time it occurred to me to layer the gray knit top over a blouse and I loved the effect. A perfect compromise when I’m craving fall clothing but it’s still not cold enough for real sweaters. I ended up wearing three pairs of shoes during the 10 days including sage green slip on Vans, dark gray Toms classics and russet Manitobah moccasins and I was happy I decided to leave shoes out of the challenge because that small variety made all the difference when pulling together each look.


Bonus Outfit

My Day 5 was Halloween and I was Mary Poppins! I popped into the thrift shop with a handful of ideas I could create using basic clothing items (Daria, Margot from Royal Tenenbaums, Where’s Waldo and Mary Poppins) and left it up to fate depending on which pieces I could find…one stop and $8 later, all I had to do was stitch the bow tie on, paint and adorn the hat and throw on boots from my closet. Not bad for such low waste and I already had someone request to borrow the hat next year so it will get some future use too!

10-31-18 Halloween Costumes

In Conclusion

I had fun with this challenge and didn’t experience burn out with these pieces at all. Had the temps dropped any more, I may have tired of only having one sweater. It was a struggle to choose between that and my color block jacket since both mix and match with all my other pieces really well. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. Only now that I’m getting around to posting this has the temperature dropped to true sweater weather. Seeing how 10 carefully selected pieces can mix and match to create over 15 different outfits was really eye opening. I cannot go into a thrift store and pick up a cute top for $2 again without considering whether it will get that kind of mileage. That’s a huge take-away since thrifting is my constant closet downfall. I’ll definitely participate in a future 10×10 to see how my favorite pieces for other seasons measure up when put to this test.

Slow Fashion October Week 4: What needs fixing?

Last but not least, week 4 of Slow Fashion (November!) where we take a good look at our fix it pile. I have 10 items right now including simple changes like new buttons and shortened sleeves on blouses, patching holes in two items, modifying fit on a few others and creating a whole new garment. Some of these have been languishing for a while so hopefully putting it in writing here lights a fire to get it done.

11-27-18 mending and refash pile

What are examples of things that are too short/long/tight/wrong color that are fairly easily changed? I have a stack of pants that are just slightly too small encouraging me to refocus on healthy habits so I can wear them again…unfortunately my sewing machine can’t save me on this one! I do have one pair of high waist stretch jeans I love that are too big though, and I’m interested in trying my hand at taking them apart to correct the fit and continue wearing them.

What are the more challenging modifications for you, and do you get to build skills in the process? Taking in those jeans will be challenging since I’ve never made jeans. I’ll definitely be taking notes as I take them apart to be sure I’ve got the sewing order clear. There’s also a sheer lined dress that I’m taking in and making sleeveless. Since it’s sheer, it’s been a process to figure out the best sewing and finishing techniques for the fabric and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Here’s the before…I have yet to finish it…

06-02-18 red dress (before)

Appleseeds dress (thrifted)…I don’t know why I’m making that face 🙂

Which things can you do yourself and which will you need to take to a tailor or cobbler or other professional? I own a few pairs of shoes worthy of taking to a professional once needed, but right now none of my clothing is of the quality I’d consider worth the extra expense of a tailor. I plan on working through my stack on my own.

Can that not-right sweater be modified, or do you just need to unravel it and put the yarn to better use? I haven’t ventured into knitting yet but have dropped heavy hints to my husband about a class for Christmas this year, so here’s for hoping!

If you’re attached to the fabric but not the garment, can you cut pieces for a different garment from it? Yes. The blue tie dye wrap pants have a ton of fabric to work with. I love them but the fit isn’t right at the waist and the wrap aspect is quite impractical when worn all day. I imagine something along the lines of my M7445’s. The butterfly fabric in the stack is from a vintage dress my mom picked up for me. The bodice was too tight and badly damaged but the full skirt is very usable now that’s it’s been removed from the dress.

08-16-17 blue tie dye wrap pants

cat shirt (thrifted/restyled), Alma de Anil wrap pants (thrifted), necklace (Harvest Festival, artisan made)

Can any of the items be used to patch/mend any of the other items? Nothing like that at the moment, but I’d like to think I’ll get to that place eventually now that there’s a much slower rate of turnover in my wardrobe and I wear my favorites to death.

Does any of it really want to become something else entirely – a rag rug or quilt or…? I have a few items in my fabric stash for dollmaking, so not entirely different, but much smaller, ha!

This has been such a great exercise to work through and the best part is it didn’t feel completely overwhelming which means I’ve made real progress these last few years. Thank you to Karen Templer over at Fringe Association for coordinating this online event. It’s been educational and inspiring as always. 

Slow Fashion October Week 3: Do your clothes add up?

Or should I say, Slow Fashion November? Ha…thankful to be back after weeks of illness took the 3 of us out one by one. We enjoyed a wonderful feast with friends for Thanksgiving followed by a long weekend of reading, decorating and indulging in Christmas movies and baked treats. Now kiddo’s back in school and I’ve got my glorious almost 3 hours free to try and wrap this up!

Do you, broadly speaking, have what you need for various situations and seasons? I do. I lead a simple life spending time with my son and mom friends, working on the house and garden, doing creative projects, prioritizing healthy eating and exercise. and occasionally catching a casual concert or date night. I don’t need a huge variety of clothing and I have things in all categories that I really love wearing. My long term sewing plans include a 40’s style dress but I have no fancy events on the calendar so while it will fill a gap, it’s not a huge priority. The seasons where I live are pretty mild too, so while shorts get packed up for fall/winter and heavier sweaters and jackets get packed up for summer, a lot of my clothing really does work year round. Here’s a good example of an outfit that takes me seamlessly through an average day without feeling overdressed or sloppy.

10-23-18 OOTD

Alternative Earth tee (thrifted), Tom’s shoes (thrifted), vest (thrifted), M7445 Pants (home sewn), Necklace (birthday gift)

Is there too much of one sort of thing and not enough of another? Not anymore. This was always my issue though. When I worked in an office, I had too much weekend wear. Then I became a SAHM and after the first year I suddenly had too much lounge wear and stood in front of my closet close to tears when I had somewhere nice to go. From there I swung too far the other way and had nicer clothes I loved but my lifestyle didn’t leave enough days a week to wear them all. The capsule exercise I’ve been practicing helped me focus on the in between category that was casual, functional AND stylish and finally got the issue under control. When considering my clothes for a 2-3 month period, it was easier to see how many outfits I really needed for all the actual activities I’d be doing and I have a nice balance now.

Is there something you love but don’t wear simply because you don’t have the right _____ to go with it? Would that item also make other garments more useful? This cropped fitted corduroy vest. I’d love to layer it over a light colored fitted graphic tee and yes, this same top would be useful in many other combo’s I’d love to wear. I keep a list on my phone for when I’m thrifting to keep me focused and this one item just hasn’t come along yet. I’ve also always been drawn to sheer fabrics so I can always use perfect layering pieces to be sure they’re wearable when I find them.

11-27-18 brown cordouroy vest

How many outfits can you make out of what’s in your closet that will work for your day to day right now? Easily somewhere between 30 – 45 and probably even more but they’d probably be combinations I wouldn’t really reach for. The 10×10 challenge that just wrapped up helped me see even more clearly how many possibilities there are in a small collection of well selected items.

Did your mood board or any garments you unearthed give you ideas about new ways to combine your clothes? Since I’ve already been working on my slow wardrobe for a while, I can’t say this exercise gave me tons of new combination ideas, but it’s further solidified sewing plans I have in the works and inspired the fabric choice for some pants I’ll be making next.

11-27-18 S8058 project

What’s missing that would allow you to make more combinations from your current clothes? (The connective tissue) Pants in another bold color, a colorful or printed midi skirt and a casual dress that could be layered in different ways. Each piece could add 5 – 10 new combinations, bringing my outfit count to at least 60. I have no issue repeating favorite combo’s so 60 outfit possibilities is more than enough to get me through a season without boredom. I’ve been toying with the idea of the French 5 wardrobe, cutting out thrift shopping (mostly) and focusing on making those 10 items each year. It’s sounding promising since these 3 items would leave 7 spaces to build up my summer capsule more.

Could any of your “maybes” be dyed/altered to fill those holes? I created this spread in my wardrobe journal a little over a year ago, in the name of slow fashion, but I’ve since come to grips with the fact that I can’t save everything and some of those things just needed new homes. Since then, I’m more inclined to consider maybe’s as no’s because if it’s not love, not only will I not wear it, I tend to lack the inspiration or motivation to prioritize the project. That said, I do have a stack of items I truly love that I think I can make perfect for me…and yes, there is a pair of tie dye pants, two dresses and pieces of a vintage dress intended for a skirt that do fit right in with my current wish list.

11-27-18 mending and refash pile

Do you have accessories you can use to change things up? Not a huge collection, but I have some favorite jewelry, a handful of belts and a variety of shoes. Something I’ve learned about my style over time is that I prefer easy to wear statement pieces that don’t require accessorizing to add interest, so there are also plenty of days where my only accessories are my wedding ring, wrist tattoo and hairstyle. This handwoven trim I bought from an artisan at a Scandinavian Festival became a favorite the day I tried tying it around my neck!

04-17-18 favorite accessory

Slow Fashion October Week 2: What’s in your closet?

Hey there! It’s now November but our slow wardrobes aren’t made in a month so I’m back with a recap of the week two prompts from Slow Fashion October. I’m still exploring the #slowfashionoctober IG feed and links as well. There’s just so much to see and read and I don’t want to miss a thing! I’ve already discovered (and binge read) a few new to me blogs. So many creative individuals out there making amazing things.

Week 2 is was all about cleaning out our closets and considering what’s in there. Since October finally starts to feel more like fall where I live, I was already in the midst of transitioning my closet so this prompt was timely. I’ve been testing out seasonal capsules for about a year now, so heading back into fall this time around has been the easiest transition to date. After tracking my wears last year and clearing out what didn’t serve me at the end of the season, I was excited to pull out a box full of favorites that I was anxious to wear, and the handful of items I couldn’t let go of were easier to part with after some time had passed. Here’s a snapshot of my closet today. I’m also participating in my first 10×10 challenge, so those pieces (along with my Mary Poppins costume) are hung on the right side at the moment, but this is my whole wardrobe, minus the very summery items I packed away until next year.

10-28-18 Fall 2018 Closet

What is the oldest or most treasured thing in your closet? I feel like I’ve finally edited my closet to a place where I treasure many things, but I’m really in love with these pieces. They’ve all been found in thrift shops for cheap and appear (from the looks of the tags inside) to have lived in some woman’s closet for quite some time before making their way there.

10-28-18 treasured pieces

What is the item you wear the most? Why? A pair of medium wash Lucky Brand jeans and a white v-neck tee shirt because they give all my statement pieces a foundation and are comfortable for my daily life.

Are there any “investment pieces?” How did they work out? Not really. Maybe the Frye boots I bought 8 years ago that have only gotten better with age.

Does anything still have the tags on it? Why? Nope.

How much is handmade, hand-me-down or has some other personal meaning? I have four handmade pieces in my current closet and a handful of summer tanks packed away for next year. About 90% is from thrift stores and about 1/3 of those are special pieces in that they’re old, unique, good quality and feel like me. I still have second hand fast fashion that I hope to replace with handmade or higher quality vintage as they wear out, but considering I was starting from scratch 4 years ago after leaving work and becoming a mom, I’m happy with the state of things.

How does what’s in your closet align with the mood board you made about how you would actually like to dress? In what ways are they the same/different? Better than ever before! I’ve been thoughtful about my wardrobe for a while now and I’m finally experiencing the fruits of my labor. There are pieces missing, but I have some sewing patterns and fabrics already lined up that will fill gaps and create more versatility with what I already have and love.

How do the colors align with the color palette  you made? Pretty well, I think, and it’s a great feeling because this didn’t used to be the case at all. I’m getting better at creating realistic mood boards and editing my purchases and it’s all coming together.

For reference, here’s a side by side of my week 1 mood board and current closet.

10-28-18 mood board and closet

How do your clothes align with your lifestyle and climate? For the most part, really well. I live in a mild climate in southern California where a lot of my clothing can be worn for Fall, Winter and Spring and that’s the portion of my wardrobe represented by my mood board and in my closet right now. Where I need some work is my summer wardrobe because it gets pretty hot and we spend lots of time at the beach. I’m already brainstorming what types of garments I can create that will be functional but still feel like me. This past summer I just grabbed a couple tee shirts and a pair of denim cut offs from the thrift and wore them on repeat. It worked, but when the first leaf fell they were boxed up because I was so over it!

What percentage of your closet feel like YOU? Considering what I just said about my summer wardrobe, if I divide by 4 seasons, I guess 75%. I’m pretty happy with that because I’ve got 9 months to prepare for next summer…

Slow Fashion October Week 1: What’s Your Look?

Slow Fashion October just wrapped up (as I finally get around to posting this) and in addition to creating a space to discover inspiring new makers and slow style bloggers to connect with, the weekly prompts got everyone to consider their style and slow wardrobes and discuss their thoughts and process…my jam!

Week 1 posed the question What’s Your Look? and begins with a mood board. Don’t have to ask me twice! Sometimes I feel like I spend more time making mood boards than actually sewing, but each one is edited a little closer to perfection than the last, more and more images are carrying over from one to the next, and my thrift store, pattern and fabric purchases are resulting in a lot less fails so it’s feeling like a productive exercise.


What’s the difference between what you admire and what actually feels like “YOU”?As a lover of the art of fashion, I admire so many things I’d never have a reason or desire to wear in real life. I recently split my Pinterest boards up into ‘Fashion‘ and ‘Curated Closet‘ with categories for seasons, accessories and hairstyles and it’s been a real game changer. I’m getting better about using my Curated Closet boards to gather inspiration that combines a statement piece I could actually see myself making with neutral cotton basics I already own that suit my day to day life. Then my fashion board can be a total free for all for any beautiful thing I may want to reference again at some point.

How has your style evolved? In high school (mid 90’s) I went through look after look, with total dedication. Like all trendy, hippie, grunge, goth, punk, vintage, preppy…and basically hit the thrift stores to stock my wardrobe each time I wanted to try a new style. Eventually I’d amassed an enormous amount of clothing and began juxtaposing different looks to make it my own. As the years went on, I continued experimenting and buying lots of clothing but I found my groove with just putting together things I liked in a way that could no longer be defined by one style category. In my late 20’s, there was a period of time I felt like I lost my style identity working in a corporate office, but after 4 years home with my son I’m coming back to my naturally eclectic way of dressing. In fact, a lot of current closet favorites are perfected grown up versions of looks I tried in high school!

Do you have a color palette? Yes and no. White, cream, mustard, sage/olive/army green, shades of indigo and gray dominate but I love color, so with some exceptions, I won’t rule colors out completely. My wardrobe definitely doesn’t fit into a pretty collage where everything matches everything else, but it’s improving in time and there’s a lot of opportunity to create unexpected color combinations which is something I really enjoy.

Whose style inspires you? Do you you have a muse or icon? I have many! I don’t aim to emulate them, I’m just inspired by women with their own distinct looks to always stay true to mine. Chloe Sevigny coming on the scene in the 90’s was a real defining moment for me. Suddenly, it was not only OK that my clothing all came from thrift stores and I didn’t dress like anyone else at school, it might actually be considered stylish!

Is there a brand you’re always drawn to, for their clothes and/or how they put them together? Why? Right now, Gucci. In this article about Alessandro Michele, his first collection was described as “eclectic and vibrant pieces jumbled together in a colorful melange of vintage and new.” That’s always been my goal for my own wardrobe, albeit in a much subtler (and less expensive) way. It reminds me of how a dear friend in fashion school used to call my style vintage thrift store revival. There’s a wealth of color combinations, layering, styling and embellishment ideas I can translate to my own clothes and sewing projects in ways that fit into my world.

What shapes and styles of garments work best for you, your life and your body? Casual but well tailored pants with a mid-high rise, softly structured blouses and sweaters, comfy cotton basics and shoes that can be worn anywhere. My life is very casual, but I love getting dressed, so I like to balance a more dressed up statement piece with basics to keep my look put together without being too “done.”

What are your clothing pet peeves? I’m not sure if it’s age or motherhood since these things happened simultaneously, but I no longer have tolerance for anything fussy. If it slides up or down, squeezes too tight, requires adjusting in order to sit down or when standing back up, anything off the shoulder. I used to live in shelf bra cami’s under everything and low rise pants and can’t stand the thought of those items anymore!

What is your favorite garment or outfit (now or always) and why? I’ve always had a thing for granny blouses, and now I love to update my thrift scores with buttons of my choice to make them perfect for me. A loosely tailored granny blouse with a comfy bralette underneath, perfectly fitted cone denim skinny jeans and moccasins is my current go to look that feels just right every time.

What is the image you would like to project with your clothing? I read somewhere that you can’t tell if a french woman is a mother unless she’s holding a baby and that really spoke to me. Where I live, a “momiform” of leggings and athleisure is totally acceptable but just doesn’t feel like me. Reading that somehow gave me permission to dress myself how I wanted even if my day will be spent at the playground surrounded by Lululemon! I aim to be organized, creative and pulled together every day and that’s how my clothes make me feel.

Can you describe your style in five adjectives? Creative, Natural, Classic, Eclectic, Feminine

What showed up in your mood board that surprised you? The pink suit! I worked in a corporate office for 13 years, eventually learning to dress the part, and when I left to be a stay at home mom I couldn’t clear those clothes out of my closet fast enough. After 4 years, I’m finding myself attracted to more polished clothing again, but with a creative twist of course. I have a pattern that includes pants and a jacket that I’m considering sewing in a fun color to create the option of wearing them together or separately with other things I own and I’m pretty excited about it.

What’s an example of something you own and love (had to have!) but never wear, and why not? There is one item in my closet right now. I bought it from a thrift store for $1 a few years ago and just haven’t been able to part with it even though it gets no love. It’s a cropped crochet tank that I strictly placed in the summer category and never found the right layering piece for. Coincidentally, just a couple week ago, an image popped up in my Pinterest feed layering a beaded piece of the same color and shape over a tailored suit jacket and I ran straight to my closet and tried on my crochet version over a long sleeve button down blouse…LOVE! Thankfully I wasn’t too quick to discard it just because it didn’t get wear because I knew I truly loved it and trusted it would eventually work somehow.

Did you participate in Slow Fashion October? It’s my favorite event of the year! I’ll be back with weeks 2-4 and simultaneously I tried out my first 10×10 challenge this month so I’ll have more on that as well. I’m loving the chance to sit in a quiet house with a hot cup of coffee to write here more often now that kiddo’s in preschool.

Web Chronicles: October

I always enjoy link round-ups from my favorite bloggers so I thought I’d try it out myself…

Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 11.15.51 AM

No matter how separate runway fashion is from my real life and closet, I just cannot get enough of the fantasy and limitless creativity of the art form.

Between spending a little time getting my fall closet in order, I’ve also been enjoying reading about different methods for putting together wardrobes. A few favorites:

  • 5 Piece French Wardrobe: I’d heard of the concept on Pinterest but Archana’s well written article on the topic made me seriously consider trying it out for myself. I can relate to the progression of her mind-set and wardrobe and the idea of adding only 5 items per season also aligns with my goals for a handmade wardrobe. I really can’t see myself sewing more than 10 quality pieces in a year anyway. More importantly, this would force me to keep my thrifting in check!
  • 4×4 Capsule Wardrobe: I’m happy with the size of my closet, but not all of my pieces mix and match quite as well as I’d like them to in the future. This formula from The Vivienne Files makes the process feel really approachable and flexible to any style.
  • Modules: Another formula that feels useful for someone like myself who loves color and statement pieces is discussed in this video made by a stylist. 1 outer layer + 3 tops + 2 bottoms = 1 Module (or 6-12 potential outfits). Add a second module that works with the first, then a third…ridiculous numbers of outfits!

This colorful capsule reads like a watered down Gucci runway (I mean that in the best possible way) and I’m kind of in love with it. That red suit!!

It rained just long enough for me to justify lounging around to listen to this podcast interview with Karen Templer while the kiddo played a video game. The wardrobe planning posts on her blog Fringe Association are my love language and she discusses that and more in the interview.

“If you think style is superficial, then Stasia’s personal story of how she redefined style might just change your mind.” Such a great TED talk, glad I stayed up a little late to listen to the whole thing. I often question my own preoccupation with style, and obviously there’s so much more to life, but it’s always nice to hear compelling reasons why it does matter.