I’m an Artist

I’m an Artist. Three simple words that have taken a long time to embrace fully. I always knew in my heart it was what I wanted, but I played it safe and followed a “practical” path for many years. I’ve spent the first decade of my working life in a corporate office, learning new skills, setting up a foundation for my future, and educating myself about art and indie biz on the side. It’s been a great experience, a necessary step in a much larger journey.

As I continue to head in the direction of my dreams, I thought it was time to start documenting my work and my process and sharing more with the world. I hope in time that Textile & Stitch will serve dreamers in the way many other sites have served me over the years and nudge them to take steps in new directions. Even if it just means picking up a new hobby and expressing themselves creatively. I’m writing this post with faith that I’ll read it years from now and reflect back on the my beginning with fond memories and a smile, knowing that with hard work and dedication, dreams really do come true.



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