How To Make a Branch Stamp

Want to make a perfect handmade stamp of a branch? Here’s how I made mine…

I sat down to practice drawing this stick in preparation to make my new stamp, held it up over my sketchbook to begin studying the shape, and realized I could trace the shadow cast by the light above me and do it just right on my first try. Nothing revolutionary, I know, but it wasn’t what I set out to do and it worked so perfectly. Awesome, right?!

I drew one in my sketchbook just for fun (yeah, my hand was a teeny bit shaky, but it still worked) and then used the same technique to draw the shape right onto the rubber stamp material.

A bit of carving later and here’s what I ended up with! Seriously stoked on this little thing right now…and dreaming up images of Christmas cards to use it on.

Plus it’s raining outside and I’m listening to the little pitter patter of the drops on the skylights in the studio realizing it’s my first rainy night in here since moving in. The holidays are just around the corner and it’s actually starting to feel like it ♥



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