Starting at the Beginning

I’ve been taking lots of inspiration from nature lately and began my current work with my love for trees against the sky. The bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and the silhouette of branches and leaves; add an orange Monarch fluttering by and the sight will stop my in my tracks.

So with that vision I gathered fabrics in a hat box, sorted through recently gathered branches, and decided on the sizes of the various pieces I’d make. With a vision and piles of materials the direction becomes more clear and I’m off and running, all sense of time is lost and the work begins to emerge…

fabricbranchescotton battingTo capture the perfect shades of blue and green, I painted muslin with acrylics and plenty of water to blend them like watercolors. I found such a mess beneath the the painted fabric I laid a fresh piece  over the area and ran a brayer over it to pick up the remnants, a perfect compliment to the heavily saturated piece. Oh, how I love happy accidents.
hand painted fabric
Here’s a sneak peak, be back soon with the final pieces. I’m very excited about the next stage, this is only the background for embroidery. I won’t ruin the surprise and tell you what it’s gonna be ♥

nature art work in processIt’s December…time to buy a tree, decorate and hang lights for the first time at our new home! So much to look forward to, I love this time of year.


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