Goals for 2013

Okay, so we’re a month and half into the new year, but since this isn’t just about a short-lived resolution, but rather a full year of goals, I figure it’s not too late to share. There’s still 10 months to go!

I decided on a large poster board covered with scrapbooking paper to create various sections. I chose elements I thought would work well for me to track goals I’d already established and leave some room to shift and change over the next 12 months (hence the post-it’s, easy to update)

Goal Tracking

My word and theme for the year are Confidence & Devotion…

This year for me is about devoting time and energy to my art, allowing other things to fall to the wayside if needed and confidence in putting myself and my work out into the world.

My intentions for the year are Sketch, Sew & Connect…

I want to make sketching a habit to generate new ideas and build a comfort level with a pencil and blank page, sew as much as possible to continue developing creatively in my favorite medium, and connect with local art communities (even though this is difficult for an introvert like me – that’s where confidence comes in…YES, I can do this!)

Some things I hope to accomplish

I want to try lots of new techniques and make lots of fabric paintings. The pink stripes and burlap grid give me a place to keep track of which techniques I’ve tried and how many works I’ve completed. This keeps my progress visual each time I’m in the studio!

I’d also like to attend an art retreat, set up shop at a fair or art show, finish my business plan, submit work to a local gallery, develop a home accessory line, learn to use natural dyes and get published on blogs and in magazines. These things will take turns being my primary focus throughout the year and some are already in progress 

Welcome to my office…

I took a week off work right before the new year to paint, organize and decorate my studio. Here’s my corner for scheduling, blogging and whatnot. When life gets busy, simply sitting in this seat brings my mind back to what matters to me. I love this space!

Art Studio Office Area

I always enjoy the opportunity to see the work spaces and methods of other creatives and hope someone somewhere will find inspiration in what I’ve shared today 


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