Sunday In The Studio

vision board.JPG Ibiza.JPG I Just Like To Make Things.JPG Art Studio Table.JPG

After a few busy weeks, the studio was in need of some attention before I could bring myself to work. When I’m in the midst of a project and I’ve found that natural flow the piles don’t seem to be an issue, but when it’s time to start something new or change my focus those same piles are the difference between productivity and total procrastination so I threw on some tunes and got everything back in it’s place…ahhh, there’s my worktable…

I’m anxiously waiting for the e-course “Make Art That Sells” to open for registration this week and I love Lila Rogers so much that I decided to pick up her book to hold me over in the meantime. Worth every penny, once the whirlwind of cleaning was done I whipped up a latte and indulged in the colorful pages while my kitty did what she does best, lay in any fabric she can find.

I think a little play time in my art journal is in order to end this peaceful afternoon 



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