We Each Have Fifty Birds

Last Sunday I mentioned I’d just picked up Lilla Roger’s book “I Just Like To Make Things” and I’m back after reading it cover to cover to say that…it…is…awesome!  I was lucky enough to hear her interview with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols during the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course and that was one of the things that stood out for me in the course. I just love her approach to life, business and creativity, and her authentic, down to earth tone and sense of humor had me captivated. Aside from being packed full of inspiration and great information, I had this one line stuck in my head for days…well, really it’s still there floating around

I was reading today that for every person on our planet, there are fifty birds. Wow! I would love to meet my fifty birds. They are all out there, and we don’t even know which ones are ours. Work with me here on this metaphor. I’m going somewhere with it.

If you think of the life of your career as having fifty birds, what would they be? Let’s let them equal fifty meaningful events or highlights in your career.

~Lilla Rogers

I, for one, am super excited about these 50 birds! I love thinking of it in those terms…and so I decided to use that quote on a journal page I worked on here and there throughout this week. Here’s some pics of the process. I’m not real fond of my lettering but art journalling is more about play and practice so no biggie. I think this will be a fun reminder on the first page of my journal.

art journal page 1   art journal page 2 art journal page 3   art journal page 4 art journal page 5   art journal page 6

art journal page 7

Now in other news and speaking of Lilla Rogers, I jumped at the chance to register for her e-course “Mark Art That Sells” earlier this week and now I’m dying of anticipation since class doesn’t start until June! 



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