Spray Can Series ~ Custom Order

I recently made this piece in custom colors for a co-worker/friend of mine which was super fun…considering it was technically my first ever custom order! This design seems to be quite popular so I have a feeling it won’t be my last time making one, which is just fine by me.

Spray Can Series

One of the best parts of making this was creating the purple heart printed wrapper on the spray can. I didn’t have quite the right thing on hand so I carved up a teeny tiny stamp and used acrylic paint to create the perfect little scrap. So cute, right?!

tiny handmade heart stamp

She loved it so much she’s commissioned another piece to coordinate with it, yay! Um…also my first collector…besides my husband, lol! Super stoked This is also a custom version of a piece in my gallery. We got together and indulged in a bottle of wine (+ plenty of girl talk) while digging through fabric scraps to pick a range to work with. Here’s a little WIP photo, I’ll be back with the finished piece. Still lots of editing going on before hitting the sewing machine.

Fabric City Custom Order WIP

What’s on your work table?



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