A Collection of Past Experiments

I’ve done some spring cleaning around my studio over the past week, which in part included sorting piles of things into categories like….fabric, scraps, experiments, artwork to finish, and give it up, this is never gonna happen.

This process, while surely a form of procrastination, can also lead to real inspiration! With all of these experiments unburied and dusted off in one neat little pile, I can see which techniques I’ve played around with and begin combining them in my artwork.  I  also plan on being more diligent about stitching these little gems into my Beautiful Bits fabric swatch journal instead of shoving them somewhere never to been seen again…sounds like a perfect evening of Netflix, wine and hand sewing is in my future

Stitching & Dyeing Stamped Stitched Brick Wall Fabric Reverse Applique Photo Quilting Papertowel Scraps  Machine Collaged Tulle Inkjet Print on Fabric Free Motion Sewing Fabric Paper Fabric Manipulation Dyed Silks Acrylic Painted Muslin

* Silk Dyeing * Stenciling * Creating texture with paint and machine sewing * Applique * Photo Quilting * Up-cycling used paper towels * Stitching scraps to make new fabric * Ink-jet printing photos onto fabric * Free motion sewing images and words  * Fabric Paper * Fabric Manipulation * Acrylic Painting fabric to create prints & patterns * Stamping * Doodling *



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