Patchwork Indie Festival Santa Ana

This past Sunday, my dear sweet hubby took me down to Santa Ana for the Patchwork Indie Festival to check out all the handmade goodness and do some “research” into showing at future events myself.  I gotta say, this show rocked!!  So much amazing stuff, awesome local music, food trucks, really cool area of town that I had yet to experience and will definitely be visiting again. We had such a great time in the sun enjoying the day…especially knowing we had Monday off work. After the show we sat on the patio at a nearby restaurant watching the vendors pack up while I sipped a glass of white wine and recapped all my favorite things from the day. Bliss

Obviously, we didn’t leave empty handed…and I wasn’t the only one scoping out the goods, he picked up a few things of his own that I’ll share once they’re hung up and our dining room decor is finally finished.

I couldn’t live without this print from Carla Roque Illustration to hang in my studio. I saw her booth from a distance and was already sold, I love the way it looks antique but playful and modern at the same time. Above the door it says, “The devil goes away when he finds the door shut against him.” Ain’t that the truth! I made my share of bad decisions what feels like a lifetime ago, and this is such a beautiful reminder of how I chose this new path of creativity and healthy, wholesome living.

Carla Roque Illustration

I’ve got lots of notes now about what I like and dislike about different booths, things that are everywhere to avoid and some of my own ideas for a booth design. This coming weekend is slated to work out my design and start building it in my backyard so I’m ready to jump into upcoming shows! I’m so excited about this next step…it’s something I’ve been wanting to do forever that I’m finally getting up the courage to just try. Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you’re in the area, Patchwork Long Beach is this weekend. I’d recommend it for sure. You can get something super random (and awesome) like this…now in my private collection 🙂

Ostrich Print



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