Writing an Artist Statement & new Artwork

poppy textile art cropped

I’ve attempted writing an artist statement a few times, but end up comparing what I come up with to other fancier sounding statements and convincing myself what I wrote isn’t good enough. Well, I decided to try it again and this article really helped me feel free to just say what was on my mind and be okay with it.

Here’s what I came up with. It’s not set in stone, and I’d LOVE any feedback, but I’m satisfied with it for now, it feels like me, and it’s completely true.

Making art, and sewing in particular, is my form of meditation. It keeps me centered, focused on love and positivity, and gives my daydreams a place to call home. I love stitching up fantasy worlds.

I’m drawn to the tactile experience of working with fabric, mixing contrasting textures, blending a rainbow of colors, and adding machine stitching or embroidery to create rich surfaces. The ways textiles can be manipulated with stitching, paint and dye are endless, and I’ve only just begun my journey into its possibilities. Each of my pieces is an exploration of the medium using imagery from my sketchbook or camera that I’ve collected along the way with a blend of new, recycled and handmade fabrics.

I’m inspired by city life, nature, and the contrast between the two and find that the act of making things empowers me to see even more in these surroundings.  It’s cyclical, creation and inspiration, while inspiration gives me that nudge to begin work, the more I create the more I am open to receive inspiration from life’s passing moments.

My art is my happy place where I let my inner child out to play, and simply put, I just want to make beautiful things!

poppy textile art full
New artwork available. 13×17 inches and ready to hang. Please message me through the Contact page with inquiries.


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