Art Show Preparation

A few weeks back I submitted an application to participate in Artwalk Ventura with WAV in July and was thrilled to be accepted! Okay, it was one of those things where I sorta felt like I would be accepted, but when I got the actual e-mail saying I was accepted…it felt way more real than it had before that point and I was still totally freaking out because this will be my first show!

✂ – – – ready – – – set – – – go – – – ♥

So much preparation to do. Order tent. Design booth. Make banner. Make lots more ART. The list doesn’t end there, but I’ll stop there before I have a panic attack. Of course the timing is right along side the class I’m taking so it’s gonna be a stretch (yes, I’ll still be at the office 9 – 5) but I’m up for the challenge and ready to make things happen!

Here’s a peek at my supplies, lots of white but not for long!

white fabric   lace   art supplies

I spent Sunday afternoon playing with paints and dyes and got a little collection of color going. There was stenciling, spraying with dye, painting, applying paint with a brayer…then the best and least predictable method, laying a scrap of fabric on your messy painting area and running the brayer all over it to “clean up” your surface. Some of my favorite pieces come out that way. They don’t look all that fancy laid out like this, but once they’re chopped up, layered with lace and gauze then stitched with imagery they’ll be transformed! Back to work…

fabric painting



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