Giraffe Portrait Textile Art

To help prepare for my upcoming show, I scheduled half day’s at the office on Thursday’s for the next couple weeks. Best. Idea. Ever.  I seriously found myself smiling and laughing out loud alone in my studio this afternoon because I was so giddy about making art during a time I’d normally be in the office. It was sorta like watching Price is Right when you were home sick from school, it was just better!!

Anyway, I’ve got multiple pieces in the works, but here’s a preview of the collection starting with my simple vision and one of my favorite drawings…

giraffe portrait

giraffe textile art      giraffe textile art 4 giraffe textile art 3      giraffe textile art 2

I love giraffes! I’m so excited to do larger versions, this one is just 4 x 4 inches. Be back soon



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