Howling at the Moon ~ Textile Art

baby wolf textile art
Howling at the Moon ~ 12×12″ Wrapped Canvas

Stitching up a storm over here, building up a collection for Artwalk Ventura next month. The theme of the show will be Eco Art, which I suppose is fitting as I do gather lots of my supplies on my weekly thrift store hunts…that and I seem to be the one person everyone knows will take any fabric cast-off’s they have lying around. Can’t complain!

Meanwhile, we’re studying the Wall Art market in Make Art That Sells this week and  I’m totally stoked because it’s an area I’ve been dreaming about for some time…especially the children’s market! There seem to be people of all ages who love my playful style but lets face it, I’m very in touch with my inner child. Seeing my work in a baby boutique or a catalogue like The Land of Nod would be such a dream come true 

I sketched out this little howling wolf last week, happened to find a sweet little set of tiny doilies thrifting over the weekend and by total coincidence we had the largest moon of the year on Sunday when I was finishing up this piece. It was definitely meant to be. I love that.

More show updates to come, I’ve got lots more pieces in the works…



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