My 1st Artshow!

I’m back to my dear abandoned blog, I’ve officially done my very first art show and it’s the BEST. FEELING. EVER!  It was a hell of five weeks planning and creating but so worth every minute of it. Even that pesky eye twitch I had for almost 3 weeks straight…I guess you can’t just tuck your stress away and make it disappear!

I learned so much more than I ever expected going through this process and came away with so many ideas and so much inspiration and motivation, it’s crazy. Here’s some of the highlights from my own personal experience:

  • After years of making one thing at a time on a whim, I actually planned an art collection and loooooved the process and seeing it all come together. I’m really excited to focus on collections now…oh, and naming each one somethin’ fancy 
  • Working on a set number of pieces with a deadline had a huge impact on my studio practice. I went from dilly-dallying around deciding what to do, to setting out with specific goals in mind. I’d spend a whole day painting and dying fabrics, a week of evenings in my sketchbook creating imagery, and then days collaging, sewing and finishing. A new habit was formed, and you just can’t have too many good habits!
  • In the process of creating my collection, I felt like I had 3 new ideas for every one I started to execute. I wanted to stop working within the time constraints and develop each idea, layer on more complex techniques and just chase my own inspirations. Obviously, I had to get my original collection done in time for the show so I had to tuck those inspirations aside, BUT now I have time to do just that and I’m really freakin excited about it…in a way I’ve never felt before now. It was truly the deepest connection I’ve felt to my process yet.
  • I devoured Pinterest looking for booth ideas and walked the isles of Lowes multiples times deciding how to build displays. I sanded, painted, glued and played with different arrangements. With the limited time, I focused more on art than my booth but it was so fun to be the architect of my little 10×10 space, creating the space where my art would present itself to the world. My head is still spinning with ideas and I’m going to completely re-do it for the next show.
  • I’m shy. I despise small talk with strangers. In two days, I managed to bust through my shell and talk about my art with people. I met other artists who were interested in my process and I most enjoyed those conversations. I got tons of great feedback from people. Not everyone who admired my work bought a piece, but some took cards, some asked about custom work and darn near everyone smiled when they saw it. That in itself made it worth it, especially the kids

Here’s a photo of my canopy where it sat in my backyard for a week or two pre-show, displays in process…

Art Show Booth Before And here I am all set up on day 1, shortly after this photo was taken I moved the table off to the side of the booth to encourage people to walk in and get a closer look. I was jotting things in my notebook all weekend long to improve my booth for next time, but I was happy enough with what I came up with for my first time. It got the job done and didn’t cost a fortune!

Art Show Booth

And here’s a few more of the pieces I made for the show. I’ve added them to the gallery page but can’t resist posting them here too  Some of them are still available, so message me through the Contact page for details if you’re interested. They’re 4″ x 4″ box canvases covered on all 5 sides and hand stitched along the edges. No glue was used in the making of any of these pieces!

Urban Take-Over Textile Art Side Sunset Textile Art side Cityscape with Leaf side Cityscape Textile Art side

If you’re on the fence about doing a show, jump in, it’s really an amazing growing experience!



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