Journal Junkie

journal collection

When I was a kid, I loved back to school time because it meant stocking up on brand new binders, notebooks, pens and other supply goodness. A little nerdy, maybe, but I know I’m not alone!  Even though summer vacation is long gone and I’m not headed back to school, I still feel compelled to take stock of everything I have going on and prepare for a fresh start in the fall, which brings me to my journals.

I can’t seem to resist journals and notebooks, whether it’s a pretty cover, a size I don’t have yet, a certain type of paper, or just because it’s only $1.  I always find a way to justify why I need it. So inevitably, even though I try to keep them straight and designate each one for something specific I end up reaching for the closest one and eventually feeling like my notes and ideas are all scrambled!

So, to get back in focus, I decided to gather all my notebooks from all over the house and studio and flip through each page to see what I had collected. I eliminated pages that were super old and no longer appealing, cut and paste things from one book to another when they seemed out of place, consolidated notes on specific subjects and so on. After hours of discovering lots of old ideas, I had carefully sorted stacks of journals that were back to having real purpose and an organized “To Do” list…in the right notebook, of course

First I have my “writing” journals. I’m always taking e-courses and reading new books on topics from art, drawing, painting, sewing and photography, to writing, creativity, self discovery and so on. I take notes, do activities and jot down ideas that are sparked along the way.

  • I use composition notebooks with collaged covers to put down all my ideas and plans for my creative business, creating a new one each time it’s full. I love reading back through them in order to see how I’ve grown and changed and expanded.
  • Each time I take a class, I try to dedicate a notebook or section of one to just that.
  • One is for blog and website ideas and writing
  • Then I have my butterfly book which is my daily calendar that includes personal to do’s and my editorial calendar…which I’m still adjusting to using consistently, I might add!

writing journal collection

Then I have my art journals.

  • A small hard covered sketchbook for pencil drawing
  • A  small spiral bound mixed-media journal for drawing, coloring and pasting things for a specific themed collection I’m planning
  • A color journal for gathering color inspiration and playing with combinations
  • An art journal for exploring mixed media and pasting in all the little scraps I save
  • A larger drawing sketchbook for pasting in magazine images, writing notes and developing ideas
  • A large watercolor notebook for finalizing ideas and adding color

art journal collection

After flipping through and sorting things, I ended up with 6 notebooks set aside until these are full and everything put back where it goes. Whew, that feels good!!

Are you organized or messy? How do you keep track of all your creative ideas? I love hearing about other people’s processes!



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