Mini Giraffe Art Quilt

textile art
6 x 6 inch original art quilt (SOLD)

I just love this sweet little quilt, a little bit pretty, a little bit cute and a trendy motif I couldn’t resist using again…are we over chevron patterns yet? I don’t think so if Pinterest is any indication! It’s still hard for me to let my artwork go, but I’m super excited this piece has been sold. It’s really encouraging to know there are people out there who want what I’ve got to offer and I actually have a few custom orders too! ♥ 

I’ve been so busy this last month between work, making my way back to the gym (finally), spending time with family and friends, going to the fair, and getting away for a weekend that I never cleaned up the “creative chaos” in my studio from preparing for Artwalk last month. This weekend I finally sorted everything back out, put away my displays and all the materials that were everywhere and spent some time experimenting.  Really wishing the weekend were just one more day right about now! But I’m happy I’ve had the chance to squeeze in some last minute fun before the summer’s over…this evening the weathers feeling awfully fallish and making me realize how close we are to the end of the year…yikes!


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