Block Printing a Brick Wall

One of my favorite patterns to use in my textile art is a brick wall, whether I’m creating a city scape of some sort or just adding a little urban vibe to contrast lace and more organic nature inspired imagery. When I was first starting out, I used store bought prints but quickly decided I wanted my original art work to include mostly hand printed or vintage textiles.  In order to make a fairly large print, a block print seemed like a good way to go.

First I drew a quick shape onto my block of wood and carved out all around it. I painted it with acrylics and stamped it a few times to see how I liked it and then carved in some additional details and tested until it was just right.

brick block drawing      carved brick block

brick block test print      brick wall printed fabric

The finished block prints a brick that’s about 1 3/4″ x 3/4″ and can be repeated as many times as needed to fill the desired space. It can be a bit tedious but the results are so worth it and I found that painting the block once and printing 2 or 3 times gave a cool variation in the saturation of the color and made it go a little faster. I can’t wait to use this in a piece of artwork and play around with various methods of stitching around each brick to finish it off



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