Discoveries and Wallpaper Paste

Back when I was making dolls, it seemed all my online peeps were dollmakers. I followed blogs, joined a doll group, e-mail lists and newsletters. Dolls, dolls, dolls! Then I switched my focus to textile art and suddenly started creating in a vacuum. A good thing to some extent so I’m not intimidated by my “competition” or overly influenced by others…but then I stumbled upon and realized I should really be paying attention! There’s so many amazing artists out there doing such cool stuff!

I immediately fell in love with Cas Holmes and ordered her book “The Found Object in Textile Art” and LOVE it, wow, hundreds of inspiring ideas in this book. My favorite thing about it is that you get lots of ideas and techniques to play with but there aren’t specific projects to make so it keeps you exploring your own style and ideas.

I had decided after the last collection of work I made that I wanted to try a little more mixed media, so the first thing that grabbed my attention in the book was a technique where she used diluted wallpaper paste to combine fabrics and found papers to create grounds for sewing. Off to Lowes I went and for $20 I left with a gallon pail of paste, super bargain, right?!

I laid out my supplies, paste, scrap paper and fabric boxes, craft sheet, a few paint brushes and a brayer…

materials 1

Then I diluted the paste in a jar until I had a batch at a consistency I liked, chose a selection of my favorite papers and dumped all the fabrics to dig through…

materials 2

My first piece started with a piece of tissue layered with white fabrics and more torn pieces of tissue to thicken it up. I immediately got in the zone, I always have so much fun with collage

collage in process

A couple hours later I had 3 completed grounds drying, ready to be layered some more and stitched. I didn’t know what the texture would be like once the paste dried but I was really pleased. It’s pretty flexible and completely transparent. I think I’ll make my next batch a teeny bit thicker and see what happens, but I’ll be playing with this some more for sure. Luckily, since I’ve got a gallon of it!

collage backgrouds

Aren’t they purdy ☺ I’m so anxious to see what they become…I’ll be back with updates as they each become part of finished pieces!


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