The Making of a Custom Order: Tiffany Blue

A while back, I created a Custom Order form to help clients provide plenty of info to work with when creating custom designs and providing quick, accurate quotes on artwork. I’ll be honest, I felt a little nervous making the page public when i first created it, but after receiving the first order using the form, it worked perfectly and I’m excited to refine it as time goes on!

Since this was the first order I received using the new submission form, I thought it would be fun to capture the process from order to completion to help future clients know what to expect!

Step 1: A new custom order is submitted and I receive an e-mail with all the details. Here’s the info I got for the order in this post:

  • something cool n funky with a giraffe/giraffes
  • i love hearts, my dog which is a maltese poodle mix and i’m a chemist so i love laboratories, wine and cooking
  • 4×4 wrapped canvas
  • i love tiffany blue and chocolate but really like all colors

Step 2: A quote, estimated time of delivery and any questions I may have are sent to the e-mail address provided with the order. I’ll go about my biz and when I hear back with your enthusiastic confirmation, I’ll get started! If you change your mind and now’s not the right timing for you, no biggie!!

Step 3: I get to sketching, and in this case, played around sketching pics of her dog. Then since I’d recently made a bunch of new pieces for a show, I had her check out the new giraffe pieces in my gallery. At this point, she fell in love with this piece and decided to go with something like it in her favorite colors. (Yay! I loved making this piece!)

giraffe textile art

Step 4: I’ll gather up an assortment of materials, sketches, stamps and supplies. Not everything will be used and I’ll borrow from my larger stash once I get into the collaging, but this creates the vision of the final piece and keeps me on track. Since Tiffany Blue is her chosen color (and I’m a lucky girl ) I pulled out a Tiffany’s box for reference and inspiration.

tiffany blue art materials

Step 5: An assortment of fabrics to use in the finished piece is painted, printed and dyed . This is one of the most fun parts and although I’ll use some commercially available fabrics in my work, I think the handmade elements are key to making something truly unique and one of a kind.

Step 6: Drawings from my own sketchbooks are transfered onto fabric to create custom appliques to use, like the diamond inspired by the Tiffany’s theme and the giraffe in this final piece! I have to spend plenty of time drawing in my sketchbooks so when I get to this part I have lots of my own imagery saved up and ready to go!

tiffany blue handpainted fabric

Step 7: The foundation pieces are carefully measured and cut, especially for wrapped canvases because the dimensions have to be just so. This part’s a little more technical than creative, but an important step.

Step 8: The foundation pieces are collaged with bits of handmade fabrics, prints, gauze, lace and appliques.  This is my favorite part!! Each piece goes through what I refer to as the “ugly awkward stage.” That’s when I know I’m done adding new colors and textures and it’s time to focus on bringing all the elements together and creating perfect harmony.

Tiffany Blue WIP

Step 9: At this point, a photo is e-mailed to make sure no major changes are needed. (I actually skipped this step for this order, but for the purposes of sharing what to expect when your order is placed, I’m including it here) Keep in mind at this point, the stitching will make a difference in the final look of the artwork, so this is just to confirm the colors and overall look are pleasing before they’re stitched into place.

Step 10: Sew, sew, sew! Blending and contrasting threads will both be used depending on the piece. This is the last chance to add depth and color, so I’m careful about choosing the perfect thread for each element.

Step 11: Finishing work is completed. My initials are stitched onto each piece (KMF) and depending on the format, the canvas or hand made wooden frame is covered using handstitching, or a backing is added with loops on top for hanging from found wood or a hanger is attached to the back.

Step 12: The completed artwork is shipped (or in this case hand delivered) and hung proudly in your home, office or studio or given as the most awesome unique gift ever, earning you a bff for life!!

Tiffany Blue Giraffe

Tiffany Blue Giraffe (2)      Tiffany Blue Giraffe (1)

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