Learning Embroidery: Week 2

embroidery banner

Oh boy…at the end of May I enthusiastically started this weekly feature and then life happened and  here I am in August posting week 2. What can I say, I’m happy to be back at it!

When I started out I drew some straight lines on white fabric to work the stitches on. boring! What was I thinking? I got to the second piece and couldn’t take it anymore so I did start to stitch outside the lines a bit, but it still just wasn’t fun enough (although I did love a couple of the stitches I got to in this session!)

embroidery 2

I did a little poking around online and realized I should be making an embroidery sampler…and so I drew something out to begin working on this week. Now I can do outline stitches on the grid and fill in all the little boxes with things as I go. Yay, much better!

embroidery sampler blankI’ll be popping in here on Monday’s with the progress on my fancy new sampler. Time to catch up on that 3rd season of Portlandia on Nexflix and get stitching 



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