Relief Printing

Relief Print Textured Fabric

How awesome is this print?! During my little fabric painting sesh over the weekend, I ended up with this beauty by complete accident. Only after it was done did I realize I’d made a relief print which I’d just read about a few weeks before in one of my new favorite books.

To make this lovely fabric, I used acrylic paints mixed with Golden Textile Medium and dye to paint a remnant of white eyelet a blend of light and dark grays and black. Since I applied the paints and dye with plenty of water I ended up with a sopping mess, so I laid a piece of flannel over the top and ran a brayer over it. What a pleasant surprise when I peeled back the top layer and saw such a perfect imprint! I think I’ll be obsessing over textured fabrics for a while…Yay relief printing! Man, I have a lot of experimenting to do…



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