Sunday in the Studio – Artshow Preparation

On Friday I received my acceptance letter for Ojai Day so the 5 week countdown is officially on! I planned on making a handmade banner for my last show which time didn’t permit, but the project is back on the table, I made some headway yesterday, and I’m determined to have it ready this time around. My ghetto-fabulous method of transferring my website font to fabric worked out perfectly. I just traced it straight off the screen with tracing paper, blew it up to the right size on a copier then cut the shapes from fabric, viola! I decided to block out a rainbow across the background and then blend it across by layering sheer fabrics, lace and gauze with white letters and eventually black stitching. I think it’s gonna look awesome against the white canopy when it’s all done 

Banner WIP

Another thing on my list of things to after the last show was make something on a smaller scale that didn’t take quite as long so I could offer something in the $10 – $20 range for tighter budgets. I didn’t want to loose quality and I wanted it to be handmade, so I decided to test out 3×4″ magnets using some of the imagery I already had in my sketchbook that’s gotten great feedback. I’ve cut and drawn a batch and now  it’s time to collage the day away and hopefully get to sewing before I head back to the office tomorrow.

fabric magnets WIP

I’ll definitely post more pics when they’re all done. I think making a magnet display is going to be super fun too!! I’m so excited to see the vision of my new and improved booth starting to come together slowly but surely.



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