Coming Back to Life

12 week ultrasound

Yippee!!! I’ve dropped a few hints about what’s going on around here but am beyond thrilled to officially announce that I’m 14 weeks pregnant!!  This little bundle of joy wiped me out…for 10 straight weeks, nausea all hours of every day. Some days lying on the couch watching Netflix was more than I could handle and there I was sprawled out like a sad sack with a blanket over my head, counting the minutes to the 12 week promise land. Of course, that came and went but thankfully at 14 weeks I’m coming back to life and feeling much better, exhaustion aside.

I’d love to say the “down time” allowed me to work on some drawing or embroidery, but no, I mainly just watched the laundry and dust pile up and didn’t so much as step foot in my studio. All I know is this baby is healthy and according to the ultrasound technician, quite a mover! Even though it’s been rough, I’m enjoying pregnancy and while I can’t wait to see our baby face to face I’m taking in each moment of this phase before our whole world changes. A very welcomed change, of course 

The future nursery has been my walk in closet since we first bought our home so I’ll be clearing that out to begin creating a magical new space for baby to come home to in the Spring, filled with plenty of handmade!!



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