Textile Art: Rain Dance

Rain Dance

It’s been a while since I’ve completed any new textile art so yesterday I dedicated the day to making a piece. Having not worked for a while, I didn’t have a set direction so to get started I decided to grab the piece of muslin on top of my stack to determine the size of what I’d make and then use only bits from my scrap box to make the entire thing. That was all it took!

The sunny clear day felt like Spring and was the initial inspiration as I began pulling out scraps that called to me in the moment. Then I thought of how badly we need rain so all the pretty flowers and plants will bloom and the piece developed into a little eco-system of earth, growth and rain. I just love all the layers and had the best time making this.

I used some free motion sewing, hand sewing with clear nylon thread (for the first time ever, love it, awesome!) and embroidery. The little gray square with ribbon embroidered leaves has been in my scrap bin for years and finally became somewhat of a focal point for this piece.

Rain Dance detail

I was joking last night as I stitched the raindrops that this was my rain dance, and I kid you not, it rained today! It wasn’t even in the forecast this morning. It wasn’t nearly as much as we need to get our reservoir’s back up where they should be but it was something and I’m convinced my creative offering had at least a little bit to do with it



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