My Greatest Creation

I’m back…for good I think. I decided to let the blog go for a while and just enjoy my pregnancy spending time with my husband, setting up a fun colorful nursery, doing some major nesting throughout the whole house and taking lots of walks outside. I worked lots of extra hours at my day job in preparation for my leave so the last place I wanted to be when I left there was on my computer!

So what’s new around here? Our first son, Becket Vaughn Ferguson was born 05/13/14 at 6:14 pm. He was 7 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. Here are his very first moments of life, meeting his mommy and daddy! My husband was the greatest coach, together we made it through the natural birth we’d hoped and planned for, it was such a beautiful , intimate and empowering experience to share. A perfect way to end the “just the two of us” phase of our lives and begin the greatest adventure of all time.

greatest creation 2      greatest creation 1

Here he is experiencing his first day in the world, so precious and alert. I couldn’t believe all that hair!! He got it from his daddy because I came out bald and blue eyed.

greatest creation 3

He’s 6 weeks old today, but it feels like he’s been in our lives forever. It’s so crazy how the moment he arrived our life before just seemed to evaporate, we hardly remember life without him. We can’t get enough of him and all of his hilarious faces!! Here’s a few photos of his first 6 weeks as his little cheeks filled out and his personality started to shine through.

greatest creation 4  greatest creation 5  greatest creation 7  greatest creation 9greatest creation 8  greatest creation 13  greatest creation 14  greatest creation 12

He is such a joy…even with the sleepless nights, diaper changes, spit up and endless laundry. I love being his mommy and I’m excited to see how motherhood influences my work and life as an artist.

greatest creation 11

The one project I’ve managed to do since he was born was a collaboration of sorts. We had a photo shoot (which was lots of fun and honestly, a bit more challenging than I’d anticipated!) and framed this series of images for daddy for his first Fathers Day!

fathers day photo diy 1    fathers day photo diy 2    fathers day photo diy 3

I’m feeling ready to create some new structure in my days as a stay at home mom so I’ll be getting back in the studio during naps and sharing what I’m able to accomplish in the time I have. I’m NOT a morning person, but I’m realizing that may have to change if I expect to squeeze everything in…baby steps, getting started is the hard part and here I am. 


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