Blogging for Me

blogging for me

I’ve had the strong urge to write here. Like, waking up and falling asleep thinking about it, strong. It’s been challenging getting out to my studio since Beckett was born, so I’ve commandeered a corner of the dining room for my computer and here I sit having some lunch and getting my thoughts down. I like it.

When I created this space, the intention was to share my art and creative process. That’s definitely what I want to remain the focus, but I feel like expanding a little more into my life for a while. After 11 years working in business administration, dreaming of the day I could quit and be an artist full time, I’m now a stay at home mom slowly learning to squeeze some form of creativity into each day. Everything about my life right now is new and it seems like a fun project in itself to document and share this transition. Of course if I’m honest I’ve never been great at blogging, consistency being my big issue, but I really need something I do that’s just for me so I’m hoping things will be different this time around.

I’ve been channeling my creativity into curating an updated wardrobe for this new life of mine, finally starting to decorate the spare bedroom in our little house, handmade Halloween costumes, drawing at the park while Beckett plays under the trees, a group of new textile pieces, the annual holiday craft day with my girlfriends and finding fun ways to document these early months with my baby boy as they fly by. These are some of things I’ll be writing about in the coming days and weeks.

I’m not focused on blogging for followers, business or recognition right now, not that I ever actually had any of those things, but even the occasional thought of it left me frozen with nothing to say. For the moment, my family and home are my priority and my blog will be the perfect creative outlet whenever I can slip away during naptime.



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