Creating Creatures On The Go

I probably mentioned finding time to get in the studio has been a little tricky with an infant around, so I had to find ways to squeeze art into my days. During the summer months, we went to the park every day to play on a blanket under the trees and one day he fell asleep, leaving me alone with my phone to kill time on Facebook. That day we headed over to the craft store and picked up a little plastic box with a handle and I  packed up a travel art kit with supplies I already had  in the studio. Even my sketchbook fits inside so it’s easy to grab and go or even toss into the diaper bag. No more wasted opportunities! Here’s what’s inside…

travel art kit

Another of our favorite summer activities was to take long walks near the beach and down the boardwalk where there were tons of great sidewalk cracks and blobs to photograph and turn into imaginary animals, an exercise in one of Carla Sonheims books. With a stack of images printed and my travel art kit, I was prepared to take advantage of our park visits and here’s a couple of my creatures.

creatures on the go_yellow

creatures on the go_green

Turning one of them into this free motion stitched applique on raw canvas was when it really came to life for me! Still deciding whether to include images in my current series or keep them abstract so I’m not sure where he’ll end up yet, but I think I’ll experiment with painting him either way.

creatures on the go_applique

The weathers cooling down and the gloom is hovering over our little beach town so the sunny days at the park are probably over for a while…although there are always jackets!





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