Babywearing Textiles

Babywearing Textiles Girasol Amitola


Babywearing Textiles Amitola detail

When I was pregnant and doing research on baby carriers I thought I’d found the cutest one, the gray starry Ergo…then I joined a local babywearing group and learned about all the amazing handwoven carriers that are available! Being a lover of textiles, I immediately became obsessed with finding the perfect one for us and the Girasol Amitola black weft diamond weave wrap was my first love. It took a few months to get my hands on one but it was worth the wait, it’s so gorgeous. I love the earthy yet vibrant colors of this rainbow and my little man looks so handsome in it, doesn’t he?! The first shot is on our weekly Saturday morning walk but the sun was a bit bright so I had to share a detail of the true colors and the weave.Someday when we’re all done babywearing, this beauty will be lovingly altered into some sort of keepsake I will cherish forever and ever, but that post is years away…I hope 




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