Work In Progress ~ Triangles


It’s been a little slow going, but I do have a new series of textile work in progress. A while back, I made a big batch of wallpaper paste collages using muslin and the pile of tissue paper from my baby shower. The plan was to eventually combine these papery bits with fabrics and play around with painting and stitching over the top. The foundations are just about ready to go and I’ll just have to set aside my fear of “ruining” them and have fun with it. Easier said than done for this perfectionist, the blessing and curse of being a Virgo!!

I’m loving the simplicity of the triangle stamp I carved and making repeat patterns with it. Although not consciously, I think I was influenced by the new triangle stud earrings I bought when Mr. Man went grabby hands and tried to rip anything off that dangled. Ah, babies, never a dull moment.




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