Getting Creative in My Closet


I’ve been trying to squeeze in some creativity wherever I can and revamping my wardrobe became my main focus for a minute…borderline obsession, actually. It all started when I discovered the blog Into Mind and her process for defining your style and curating the perfect wardrobe. Having left a corporate office environment for my new life as a mommy and artist, I was left with only a handful of items in my closet that I’d actually have a reason to wear, but since this was new territory I was worried I’d run out and buy the wrong things without a little planning. That’s when I started googling things like “new wardrobe from scratch” and found the site.

So while my little guy nursed and napped on my lap all day I spent time with a notebook and my iPad making lists and gathering images then editing and curating my final mood board. Since I studied fashion design and have always loved lists, organizing, creating mood boards and anything visual, it was right up my alley and I had a lot of fun with it.

What I ended up with is a defined style concept to guide my shopping while I basically create the new me! I’m addicted to thrift shopping so none of this led to spending a fortune but it helped me choose wisely even when items were only a few bucks. Being a textile artist, I have to be cautious because I’ll be drawn to clothing that I won’t actually wear because of a pattern, color or texture that’s more applicable to my art than my wardrobe. That being said, I do love wearing color and pattern so deciding on a color pallete and knowing which types of pieces should have pattern ensures I’ll have lots of ways to mix and match everything requiring fewer total items in my closet.

Of course my husband humored me each evening when I’d go on about my progress with this project, but it feels fitting to share it here in my creative space. The way we dress is just another way we express ourselves to the world and as an artist it feels especially important to be able to wake up each day and quickly throw on something that works for my daily activities but also makes me feel creative and inspired! So here’s what I came up with, adapting Into Mind’s 7 category style concept.



earthy rainbow, color & pattern mixing, laid back layers, oversized & drapey, feminine, natural fibers, artistic, elements of nature, neutrals with pops of color, lace, brown leather, eclectic, rustic, vintage floral, combined textures, geometric shapes

Color Pallete

gray, navy, white, beige, olive, mauve, burnt orange, mustard, turqoise

Key Pieces

loose tees, casual button down, slouchy knits, skinny jeans/tights, flowy dress/skirt, boots, moccasins


loose top/flowy dress + skinnies/tights + boots/moccasins + slouchy knit/army jacket

Ever since going through this process, I’ve LOVED my outfits every day and shopping feels so much simpler! If you’ve ever looked in your closet and had nothing to wear, this process is worth every minute…or maybe I just had too much time on my hands and went a little OCD!



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