Merry Christmas!


Christmas is a whole lot sweeter this year with our little man, just over 7 months old already! We drove up to Solvang last weekend for pastries and to pick out this years ornament. Since it’s Beckett’s first Christmas the little toy box was perfect!! I got him some new jammies to open on Christmas Eve, Santa brought him bubbles in his stocking which were quite a hit and daddy started his miniature train collection with the engine. Lots of fun new traditions to look forward to for years to come.

Not much activity in the studio the past few weeks, except for the annual sweep of items I’ll probably never use and a thorough cleaning to prepare for the new New Year. I did make these cute wine bottle toppers at a craft day with friends though! I’ll be a little sad to pack them away next week.

DIY Wine Gnomes

And a couple of my favorite gifts…a subscription to the Textile Art Center Magazine (which I didn’t even know about!) and a Little Kiddle in a lion suit to add to my doll collection . My husband is seriously the greatest!! He also got me a membership to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators which I’ll share more about in another post.

TAC Magazine

Little Kiddle Lion

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!!



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