Revisiting my Beginning

altered barbie

Three years after moving into our new house, I’ve finally cleaned out a couple boxes in my studio closet that had also sat in the garage at our old house for over 3 years…and found this random awesomeness! I made this altered Barbie during an all nighter to submit to the Ventura County Fair Arts & Crafts building, an old tradition with my mom. Looking at it today is sorta cool because it’s part of the slow progression from my beginning in Fashion Design, to dollmaking, to my current textile wall art. I think I’ll try to pass it along to a little girl who might like it, but had to at least keep a photo of it. I love how every little project becomes part of a larger creative timeline in the development of your artistic style.

I’m looking forward to a little road trip the next few days before gearing up for the new year and hope to be back with some new work!



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