Drawing Cats

I did another drawing exercise from a Carla Sonheim book and was pretty amazed at the outcome! The idea was to get in bed (I was actually lounging on the couch instead) and just draw a bunch of cats, twenty or more, until you eventually get one you like. I cheated a little and looked at a couple photographs of real life cats instead of going 100% from my imagination, but you can see the very quick progression from my first to second spread. I used ink pen and drew quickly, no pencil or eraser…and I’m addicted to this method.

drawing cats 1

The three at the bottom of this page are my favorites. I’d found a style I liked and actually got a similar looking cat in 3 different poses! A dream of mine is to illustrate a children’s book with textile art so creating characters is something I’ll continue to work on.

drawing cats 2

And of course, I had to start working on faces and color at least one of them. My husband thought he looked angry, but I love him!

drawing cats 3

We took Mr. Man to the zoo for his first time today. I think I was more excited than he was but he did love the giraffes which were my favorite too! I bought an annual pass so we can go back anytime and I’m thinking I’ll spend a day there every once in a while and draw the plants and animals while he naps. Should be fun!





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