Happy 2015!


The holidays are over, my husband’s back to work, our company has gone home and it’s time to focus on the new year. I love new beginnings. A good thorough cleaning of my home and studio, a nice long brainstorming session in my journal with a cup (or pot) of coffee, declaring my intentions and plans for the new year and jumping into action.

Last year, I discovered Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, a method of setting goals that begins with how you want to feel. I found last year to be very successful after taking this approach so I’ve done it again and boiled over twenty pages of journalling down to this…

In my life, I want to feel peaceful, creative, and connected. At peace with the things I have, happy in the simplicity of life as a homemaker, creative in parenting, play, cooking and art, connected to my husband, my soon to be toddler, my creative process and dreams. So my goals are quite simple:

  • Keep an art journal, make textile art and share progress on my blog
  • Go on family adventures, create traditions and spend more time at home unplugged
  • Garden, eat clean and cook seasonally

I also love the idea of having a word for each year but I’m rarely able to come up with just one, so instead I combined my words into a mantra for 2015 that embodies my core desired feelings, goals and intentions beautifully and really speaks to me. Treasure. Nurture. Blossom.

Happy New Year…I hope you’re all starting off inspired!



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