Working in a Series

I decided to gift myself an online course to start the new year and signed up for Working In A Series with Lisa Call. It’s only been a week and I’ve already learned so much about what it means to work in a series, created an “idea warehouse”, narrowed my focus down to one specific topic, gathered reference materials, identified parameters, and studied 4 different artists.  On top of all that, I made the discovery that my first textile pieces were the infant stages of the series I now plan to create.

urban decay 1

urban decay 2

These are two of the first textile collages I ever created. The city being the actual piece that began my entire journey into textile wall art. While both of these works are playful and colorful, the inspiration behind them was urban decay. A couple years later, I created this piece (and others similar).

urban decay 3

When it was mentioned that working in a series wasn’t always a planned linear process and that you may reflect back and recognize you’ve already been working in a series, I suddenly saw a progression in these works that I’d previously considered unrelated. As a self taught beginner, my first pieces were extremely literal, with actual imagery of buildings and my nod to graffiti art which I love but you’d never catch me participating in. The next piece carried the same inspiration but became somewhat more abstract.

With this in mind, narrowing my idea warehouse down to one topic was easy. I’ll be spending the next 9 weeks exploring urban decay in a more abstract form with a focus on techniques to create more intricate surface design. I love the idea of incorporating bits of nature as a contrast, but will set that aside for now and come back to it later.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve completed any new artwork but this should put an end to the dry spell!


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