Urban Decay Series and Other Life Updates

urban decay 1 finished piece

Well, that 2 months sure flew by without giving the ol’ blog much thought but I do have a couple things to share. I finished my 1st piece for the Working in a Series online course I’m taking. It’s a good thing I went with the self paced option because I’m waaaaay behind schedule! I kind of anticipated that, so no biggie, my kiddo will only be a baby once…and he’s almost one already!

I think the fact that this piece developed over a longer period of time than intended caused it to change directions. I was torn between two ideas when I started, urban decay and imaginary animals, and here I ended up blending them, but I’m happy I did. I do have mixed feelings about it, though. There are details I LOVE, the colors feel right, and I like my little donkey guy but I’m not in love with the placement of the building which is throwing the whole thing off for me. I’ve read through some great resources on critiquing art and will be doing a full written critique of this piece based on this article before moving on to the second one. Having this work and lots of notes as a jumping off point will be so great. The information and guidance provided in this course has been really eye opening and is definitely going to change the way I work from here on out. I’m not in my usual state of contemplation, wondering what to make next. Instead my head is overflowing with different ideas of how to push this series along. My goal for April is to complete the second and third pieces in the series and I’m adjusting to this whole mom gig and feel confident that’s reasonable so I should be popping back in here a few more times in the coming weeks with new work.

Another neat development around here is the new Facebook group I created, Ventura County Artist Mama’s. I found myself in a new circle after becoming a stay at home mom but still kept wishing I had a connection with other moms who were artists so we could share our experiences trying to balance this meaningful work with our soul work, or for some, their creative businesses. I decided to send a feeler out and received encouraging feedback so I went for it and we have 54 members already! We’re a diverse group of writers, painters, designers, photographers, dancers and more and it’s been really inspiring sharing our monthly goals and projects with one another. I look forward to seeing it grow into a larger community over time.

Oh, and speaking of my almost one year old…he and I collaborated on this little project for my husbands birthday a couple weeks ago and I cannot stop admiring it in our living room. This is my sweet baby boy with his luscious lashes and duck tail! Such a treasure.



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