Making Progress on Assignment #2


With a solid idea formulated in my mind, this second piece started coming together really quickly! I just started on Sunday afternoon, then squeezed in a few hours the last two days and was able to jump in and work without over thinking anything…NOT how I used to work before having a baby or even before starting this Working In A Series course. It’s been amazing creating every day and so good for my overall mood!

This assignment is about Color and since my work is typically vibrant and colorful I decided my design challenge would be to use mostly white and neutrals with pops of color added as finishing touches. I love that it’s so different but still feels so me. It’s been fun working larger too, this piece is 16×20″, which I believe I’ve only done once before.

On a separate note, I don’t know if it’s the spring weather, inspiration from my new online community of artist mamas, the new blogs I’ve been reading or finding more of a rhythm in my days home with Beckett but my mind is spinning with projects and creative business ideas. I’m trying to just write everything down in my notebook and stay focused on this class before attempting to start anything else, but it’s SO hard when your creative mind is full of things that need to come out! All I know is my notebook is full of things to keep me busy and moving forward, with new notes being added every day, so stay tuned…



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