Moments & Musings

Week 15 snapshots (1)
Quiet shower and selfie during naptime
Week 15 snapshots (2)
Pefecting the art of the latte
Week 15 snapshots (8)
First time wearing shoes
Week 15 snapshots (3)
Flea market treasure in a new loving home
Week 15 snapshots (4)
On the sewing machine
Week 15 snapshots (5)
A rainbow of wooden toys
Week 15 snapshots (7)
Weekday adventure
Week 15 snapshots (6)
Vibrant roses despite my total lack of care at the moment

In my mind this space is open to share inspiration and life along side my art, but in reality I rarely end up posting unless I have new work to share. I love reading back through to see my textile art progress over time, but I’m feeling pulled to write more about what’s going on outside the studio and how it’s influencing my work. My dream of being an artist full time always involved being home with a child and living each moment as creatively as I could. I dreamt of decorating, gardening, cooking farm fresh meals and yummy desserts, doing crafty things with Beckett and going on lots of small adventures. I dreamt I’d ditch my professional office wardrobe and start utilizing my fashion degree to make my own things. Embrace slow fashion, slow food, simple living. Create a WAHM business making things with my hands, full of passion, something I could be proud of. Something that would teach my son that dreams do come true when you chase them and put in the work. Maybe I’ve said some of these things before and they never materialized. I don’t know. I can’t remember. The early months of motherhood are such a blur and so quickly forgotten. Thankfully I have thousands of photos to help recall those times. What I do know is that I’m finally setting things into motion. I’ve been working on clearing my mental and physical space to make room for what’s to come. I’m paying attention to the small fleeting moments of having an infant, almost toddler, slowly leaving who I was behind and blossoming into the mother and creative being I’m meant to be. Coming fully into myself. This is what I want to share along side my art. This is the journey I want to capture and relive through this space, full of beautiful imagery and writing from the heart.



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