Working In a Series Assignment 2

blog 042115 (3)

I finished up my second piece on Sunday, in just two weeks! I’d love to maintain this pace for the rest of the year. Think of all the art!! So I was supposed to do a full critique of my first piece before moving on to the second and I only sorta did it in my head before jumping into the studio. I really wanted to sew and didn’t want to waste any available time for creating, but before I move on to assignment three I think I’d better complete the full critique for each of these as well as re-evaluate my parameters. I did a thorough job of defining my series and parameters before beginning and then went rogue. What’s new?! On one hand, I’m telling myself, it’s art, there are no rules, blah blah blah…but on the other hand I committed to staying the course and would like to see how following the assignment guidelines impacts my process and my work. This means the next order of business is to sit with my journal and do some writing, which I do actually enjoy. Especially with coffee, okay, or wine!

Thought I’d share this little tid bit about the process because it was kinda fun and reminded me of being a kid. Remember laying paper over leaves and such and taking wax impressions with the side of crayons? I did that with my brick wall plastic icing imprint thingy onto water soluble fabric, laid it over white chiffon, stitched all around the tracing and then ran it under water to dissolve the fabric. There was some shifting so it wasn’t perfect but I got plenty of usable pieces and I love taking the time to experiment so I’ll call it a 042115 (1) blog 042115 (2)

Be back soon with more photos and meandering thoughts on my series!



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