Crafting: Play Rocks

blog 042115 (4)
blog 042115 (5)We had a 2nd birthday to attend last weekend and I decided, hey, why not bring a handmade gift?! I try to avoid plastics as much as possible, which can be tough if you’ve been into a toy store lately. I allowed myself 10 minutes of Pinterest browsing, saw some play rocks with images painted on them and was off and running. Beckett and I made a day of it, cruising the beach to gather rocks with a break for splashing around in the water. I had this Eric Carle fabric on hand for Beckett’s party next month and decided a set of food rocks would be perfect. I just cut out one of each image, used mod podge to adhere them to the rocks and finished them with a coat of non-toxic water based varnish. Viola…hours of imaginary play and fun story time props!



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