Space for Journalling

blog 042115 (6) blog 042115 (7)Once upon a time, I had an “office” in a corner of my studio. Ha!! I laugh because an office would indicate some sort of business and that’s just not the case. I got caught up taking e-courses with artists about creative business and gathered lots of info that will be valuable at some point, but I just wasn’t producing enough of anything to really call what I was doing a “business.”

Finally admitting that this space was unnecessary, at least right now, I cleared it out completely and was ready to give away the desk. I’m glad I didn’t because during my major studio spring cleaning/purge, I got honest with myself. I’m a textile artist, art journalling enthusiast and dollmaker. All the crap I’ve hung onto, through years of purges, that isn’t applicable to one of these things just had to go without thinking twice. The easiest way to go about this was to sort supplies into these 3 areas and purge the left overs. And so my desk became the art journalling hub. It will probably take some time to finish what I’ve started here, but eventually I’ll cover that wall with inspiration, sort supplies into the desk drawers and make this a dedicated, usable space.

I’ve been wanting to make journalling a more regular habit (forever!), hence the giant stack of supplies and saved papers, so maybe this will help??? One things for sure, I’ve got way too many journals going and my perfectionist control freak side has totally overcomplicated what should be a simple and relaxing creative process. What I’m thinking I should do is have ONE journal going at a time. Use it for writing, pasting or taping in images, sketching, working out project ideas…everything. Let a book fill up, date it, then start a new one. Sounds simple enough…but then my mind tells me, well, maybe I should use the same size Moleskin so they line up nicely on the shelf as they’re complete. ahhhhhh!! Somebody save me from myself!!



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