Working In A Series Assignment 3

Series Piece 3

creature detail

hanger detail

Still making slow but steady progress on the series and thoroughly enjoying the creation of each piece. The focus of this piece was Space & Scale so I decided to zoom in on my rendering of decay, eliminate the building and city scape and make the creature transparent and protruding out from the surface. It was difficult to capture but the second image was my attempt. I really love the transparency of the creature made from old lace and scrim. I plan on creating a pattern to stitch him up in 3D and will be taking lots of inspiration from this piece when I select the fabrics.

Soon I’ll be back with the rest of the pages from my Collage a Day in May journal, just need to dedicate the time to photograph, upload the images and post. My teething toddler doesn’t seem to understand mommy has things to do! Speaking of Manski, here he is at his 1st birthday a few weeks ago in his Very Hungry Caterpillar bib I made for the event. Another item going into the ‘memory quilt’ pile for yet another future project.

1st Birthday Party





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