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I’ve been inspired to blog again lately but felt a disconnect between my website, current work and future direction so a redesign and relaunch was in order. We’ve had some rainy days here, so I put in some hours updating the look of my little corner of the web to accommodate new future content. Taking some time off, exploring all of my interests and following my muse led me to rediscover dollmaking, soft toys and fashion. With a small commitment to post once a week, I’m looking forward to sharing each of these rather slow but exciting projects. This should work out to be monthly updates on each topic, which feels just right for the nature of the work and the amount of time I have available right now.

While I’ve been quiet here, I designed a cloth doll pattern and began creating cloth dolls. I also began working my way through the book Stuffed Animals by Abby Glassenberg to develop my pattern making skills and start making my own designs. As for fashion, I’ve made the personal decision to join the slow fashion movement for good and part of my journey will be to start designing and sewing some of my own clothes! As these projects develop, I’ll be updating the front page to tell each story from the beginning, my favorite part of the redesign.

Welcome to the new and improved Textile & Stitch…a place for all things, well, textile and stitch, where you’ll find an eclectic mix of creative sewing projects!




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