Stuffed Animals: A Self Study Course

I’ve been toying with the idea of working my way through Stuffed Animals by Abby Glassenberg for a while now. I’ve made some simple 2D stuffies in the past but would love to have the skills to create custom 3D patterns and bring my own creatures to life. I’ve done the first two projects, the second just needing stuffing, and I think it will be a fun little self study course to document here as I make progress.

I’ll most likely jump between projects from the book and my own creations, applying new skills as I learn them. The first project is a fish which includes Lessons 1 through 3, Creating a Simple Outline Toy, Attaching Details, and Button / Felt eyes. This was admittedly nothing new to me, but I had a hard time starting the course at Lesson 4 so I went ahead and sewed up a fish using some fun thrifted scraps of material from my stash, then stitched up a little creature from one of my own drawings.

stuffed animals fish.jpg
Fish ~ Pattern from Stuffed Animals by Abby Glassenberg
This guy ~ My own custom design


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