A New Doll & Daily Stitch Project

I’m happy to finally be sharing a completed doll. The pattern and initial sewing was done before the holidays last year and then my work was set aside for a while and I was left with a pile of dolls and doll parts all at various stages of completion. The dress took some experimenting since in the past my dolls were sewn into their clothing and I wanted hers to be removable so she can be played with and changed. Once her dress was done, I chose the yarn for her wig and stitched it into place. I rarely gravitate towards purple but absolutely love this yarn for hair. The photo’s unedited, it’s really that vibrant.

Now, before moving on, I’ve got to mention the flowers I clipped for this image. We gave the seeds as favors at my baby’s first birthday party, planted them together in our backyard and now a week away from his second birthday they’ve grown taller than him. Where has the time gone?!

05-06-16 handmade doll

So anyway, her dress is cut from some hand printed and painted fabrics I made a while back and had in my stash. I’ve always tried to limit the amount of waste coming out of my studio so I like to print or dye the muslins from draping and sample sewing to use in smaller projects. Here’s a detail shot of the fabrics. I’m pretty happy with her dress which is fully lined (because even dolls shouldn’t walk around town in see through clothes) and finished as nicely as I’d finish a garment for myself. Now that I have the steps worked out, I expect to have a larger group of dolls to share the next time around since sewing will move a little quicker.

05-06-16 hand painted fabric

On the topic of limiting waste in the studio, I’ve also decided to challenge myself to another “Everyday in May” daily practice project like I did last year and stitch a swatch from my scrap basket into my fabric journal each day. This is something I’ve wanted to do forever and started a long time ago, so I’m hoping this month long project creates a new habit and I stay more consistent rather than letting the scraps pile up to an unmanageable amount. If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you might be noticing a pattern…I had a studio full of good intentions and unfinished projects! It feels good to finally focus, take one day and one small task at a time and see these things through to completion.

05-06-16 swatch journal

I’m not sure what’s in store for next week, but I’ll be back with one thing or another. This weekly post schedule is working so well for me, I don’t know WHY I didn’t do it sooner! I guess motherhood has taught me to go easy on myself and make more attainable goals instead of making some impossible plan, quickly burning out, then carrying around a constant feeling of failure. So yay for that 🙂


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