Swatch Journal Update

Just to be consistent with last year, I decided to wait until July to post an update on my Everyday In May project, haha! Really, I’ve just been too busy building sand castles 🙂

I love this book, the way the textiles hold memories turning it into a story only I can read. Bits of printing and dyeing experiments, embroidery practice, scraps from dolls, artwork, custom orders, handmade wedding decorations, old costumes and workshops I’ve attended. The slow, unplanned stitching is relaxing and I find the result so beautifully imperfect. It’s not complete, but I’ve been anxious to share the results of my daily practice. I have a wooden box with plenty more swatches so this will continue to be a slow work in progress. Enjoy!

07-19-16 Everyday In May 107-19-16 Everyday In May 207-19-16 Everyday In May 307-19-16 Everyday In May 407-19-16 Everyday In May 507-19-16 Everyday In May 607-19-16 Everyday In May 707-19-16 Everyday In May 807-19-16 Everyday In May 9

Stitching this between making clothing gave me the idea to save a scrap from each garment to start a separate Slow Style swatch book. I think it will be so cool to have a visual journal of all the textiles I’ve used for my handmade wardrobe from the beginning of my journey and I look forward to turning that into it’s own little work of art, giving me the perfect opportunity to play with surface design in between the more technical work of learning pattern drafting and proper garment construction. This past weekend while on vacation, I spent some time exploring Jude Hill’s artist website Spirit Cloth and it really got my wheels turning with ideas for this next book. I love her thoughts on samplers, her process and whole approach to stitching and creating. It’s a great read if you haven’t visited already! It will be a while before I have an update on the new book, but I have a few other projects nearing completion that should be up soon.



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