Crochet Cardigan

The Challenge

I scored this crochet tablecloth for $1 at my local Wednesday flea market a while back so when Etimi over at The Secret Costumier invited others to play along with the #usedtobeatablecloth challenge, I jumped right in!

08-01-16 Butterick 6328 crochet jacket

The Inspiration

I wanted something pretty with a homespun vibe in a simple shape I could throw over a tank and jeans on a casual day or over a dress for a date night.

Image sources 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 and 2 were dead end links on Pinterest)

The Process

I picked up Butterick 6328 in a 3 for $5 sale with plans for a different jacket, then realized the front and back pieces minus the lining, collar, facing and pockets would work well for this project also. I cut View C Size 8.

I traced off a second front piece and sleeve in order to lay all the pattern pieces out on the fabric before cutting to work around stains and tears and utilize the scalloped edges for the ends of the bodice and sleeves. To construct the cardigan, I cut 1 1/2″ strips of matching jersey and made binding which was then hand stitched at the shoulders, side seams, sleeves and armholes. It wasn’t the original plan, but it required basting to keep all the layers flat and aligned and the basting stitches had to be so small that it was basically constructed when that step was done. Since the front edge was only a single layer, the binding was machine stitched there…not as straight as I’d like, but not horribly noticeable when worn.

This was nearly complete a week ago but I was unhappy with the fit because of how much the fabric sags so I removed the armhole and shoulder binding, chopped two inches off the shoulder of each bodice piece, an inch off the sleeve caps and put the binding back on a second time. Truthfully, my alterations didn’t feel like the correct way to go about it, but because this fabric is so forgiving it worked out just fine.

08-27-16 crochet cardigan 2

08-27-16 crochet cardigan 3

I’m pretty in love with it, but may end up taking it apart again to remove width from the side seams and sleeves to get a closer fit. I’ll decide after wearing it a while if it feels too fussy…like if it slides off my shoulders while chasing a toddler on the playground…

The Look

I paired it with my cat shirt (which I LIVE in), a thrifted pair of jeans I scored a few weeks ago for $8 and ankle moccasins I’ve had over 5 years now.

08-27-16 crochet cardigan 1

Today I finally set up my tri-pod and figured out how to operate the timer on my camera. YAY! Next time I’ll shower and style my hair so I don’t have to chop my head out of the photos, lol…baby steps.


6 thoughts on “Crochet Cardigan

  1. Etemi

    It looks fantastic! I thought it would be very formal, something you would could only wear with a pretty dress, based on the pictures of the pattern pieces cut out, but it’s brilliant how different the finished jacket looks. It really elevates the jeans and T-Shirt look. How cool is it that you have these beautiful hems and you didn’t have to spend a minute on them, isn’t it? 🙂

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  3. gonerustic

    Love this – I think it’s fine just as it is! Coincidentally I am currently making a drapey vest out of an eco dyed vintage lace and linen tablecloth; blog posting later this week 😊

    1. Kaci Ferguson Post author

      Thanks! Can’t wait to see yours. I’m considering dyeing the remainder for another project but I’m done fussing with this fabric for the moment. Maybe come spring 😊

  4. sew2pro

    Excellent use of the hem and works so well with the binding. And I love the inspiration photos: I can see how this would work with other outfits too though I love it with your cat shirt of which I’m quite jealous 🙂 )

    I’ve already told Etemi that having seen this, the crochet heirlooms in my neighbourhood charity shops are no longer safe.

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