Bullet Journal Case

09-18-16 journal case 1

About 4 months ago, I started bullet journalling and I can honestly say it has changed my life! I’ve always been a journal, notes and lists type of person but my methods just weren’t allowing me to efficiently find, implement or complete the plethora of ideas and tasks I was recording. Especially now, with a two year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night, I desperately needed a way to keep track of my husbands business travel, birthdays, play dates, appointments, meal plans, cleaning schedule, preschool homeschool, sewing and home improvement projects, and my blog. Not to mention the constant new ideas I get every day for projects, kids activities, books to read…someday. I had to get it out of my head and prioritized with plenty of flexibility for keeping track of all the things I dream about and plan to do in both the near, and not so near, future. Well, I found my method, and without going into great detail, let’s just say my BuJo is here to stay. This means it was time to create a system to keep my supplies together and not in a pile on the kitchen table.09-18-16 journal case 2

I started with the measurement of my notebooks and a list of the items I’d like it to store and drew out a plan with the length and width of each necessary pocket plus seam allowance. From there, laying out the fabrics to create the design and stitching it up was a breeze and it was done in a day. Between vintage flea market finds and scraps from the wraps I carried (and still occasionally carry) my little one it, this is very precious to me! Before planning each day, the patch on the front reminds me of my goal to live simply, as sustainably as I can and connected to nature, keeping the tasks and projects focused on what’s important to me.09-18-16 journal case 3

My morning and evening ritual of sitting with my journal just got sweeter and my productivity during the day is through the roof, my house is cleaner, our meals are healthier, and I’m actually DOING all the amazing things on my Pinterest boards…or as my husband would say, I’ve really been GSD’ing (getting. shit. done.) No more staring out window with an overtired brain overwhelmed with indecision and a to do list a mile long!

P.S. After shooting the photos above, my husband discovered the brown embroidered pocket was the exact size to carry the iPad mini he surprised me with for my birthday. Talk about meant to be. All I need for my 5 hour train ride this weekend is this case…and a giant bag filled with snacks to distract my toddler…and probably a cocktail 😉


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Case

  1. Oh my! This is such a brilliant idea. I am really jealous and it’s great to see how well it works for you in your everyday life. I failed miserably with bullet journaling, but I can totally see how this helps you with the post it and pen holders, it’s great! I might have to steal the idea, maybe this will help me stick with doing it…

    1. Yes, make one! It took me 4 months to find my groove and I still tweak my monthly layout a bit each month, but it’s really working wonders for me…as long I dedicate 10 minutes each morning and night to update trackers, review project lists / meal plans / etc. and write my daily task list. I don’t use any color or fancy drawing, just one simple banner as header for each day. I love it!


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