Conscious Creative Living: Jan-Feb

Between writing in the 5 Minute Journal and my bullet journal, I can see how starting and ending each day with such intention keeps me focused on the things that bring joy to our day to day, rather than getting bogged down in the monotony and demands of motherhood and family life. I recognize I lead a charmed life as a SAHM, and I wake up grateful every day, but it took longer than I expected to find a rhythm that keeps me feeling fulfilled and my kiddo’s needs met (he’ll soon be 3!). Lately though, it’s been feeling easy, and when I scrolled through my camera roll the other day and saw just how many ways creativity has become part of our routine, I decided to use this space to keep a monthly visual journal of those smaller moments.



  • I took KonMari to the paper stash in my studio and got it under control. This was a before shot, and it took a good chunk of the month to complete.
  • Scored some great vintage yardage on one of many thrifting trips.
  • Made multiple batches of homemade ice cream, the highlight being fresh raspberry dark chocolate with milk, cream, egg, coconut sugar, fresh raspberries and shredded dark chocolate. Ridiculously good. We also made chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon.
  • My scissor loving kiddo gave faces then haircuts to many, many tp rolls, giving me a few moments to myself!



  • Spent a stormy morning building a sailboat and floating it down our flooding street.
  • Made some progress on a Schnitchen Anna dress, one of my #2017makenine.
  • Got going on the baby book, you know…almost 3 years later.
  • Made pink glittered play dough and put together Valentine’s busy bags with pipe cleaners and eyes for making love bugs…and then brought the fun along to the brewery for a small celebration for mommy and daddy.
  • Got my 1st taproot magazine in the mail on the same day kiddo went to bed abnormally early and indulged with a glass of wine.


  • Little man requested a project so he could paint and use hot glue, so I gave him pressed leaves, paint and feathers and he made two birds which he hung proudly on his art wall.
  • I ordered A Garden to Dye For to read before mapping out my first ever garden plans.
  • Together we dyed an assortment of items with avocado pits from the backyard. He made a pair of pj’s and I chose a range of lace, doilies, gauze, jersey and muslin scraps.
  • I finally added our first plant inside the house. In a pot I received as a high school graduation gift. I won’t mention how many years it’s been stored empty!
  • We created a makeshift workshop that keeps him tinkering for hours.
  • After 5 years living here, I may just have a handle on our 4 rose bushes. They’re exploding!

When I logged in to start writing this post (3 days ago) I was notified my blog was 5 years old, so cheers to another year! Perfect time for another new beginning.


One thought on “Conscious Creative Living: Jan-Feb

  1. This is great! I’m amazed of all those really cool toy ideas you come up with for your son and I’m pretty sure he will benefit from this later in life. Also, I can’t wait to see your garden plans! 🙂


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